Fall and winter wishlist.

If you aren’t from Wisconsin, YOU’RE LUCKY. We get the most unpredictable, ridiculous weather. So this fall and winter, when I should be expecting the most unexpected weather, I will need some new attire… definitely a new pair of boots.. and probably some new pants.. and some socks.. and shirts.. and sweaters… and a car…

Because… I need them….

.. Anyways.. I’ve compiled a wishlist.


these. (oops, I bought them..) Hunter x Madewell collab, how can you beat that?!


and these riding boots.. just.. perfect.

and just because I REFUSE to fully jump onto the leather pant bandwagon..

hmprod (1)

I can add a little leather knee patch.. that’s not cheating, right?

hmprod (2)

and everybody needs a little drop-crotch action this year.


ah, and yes, bohemia-galore.

I’m really on the lookout for a good bell-bottom jean but this bell sleeve will suffice…

And a good watch.  I’m in need of a good watch. And of course I’m going to need to buy some great wool socks to peep out of my new Hunter Wellies.  Ah, I may have a problem..

Happy Fall shopping!



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