A Haunted Homecoming Bash!

This weekend, I’m very excited to be attending a Haunted Halloween Homecoming Bash!

I know what you’re thinking.. what the hell is that?!

So, when in your life have you thought, “I can’t believe I have to buy this stupid dress that I’m never going to wear again.”? If you are in or above your mid-twenties, then I’m sure at least once! This is why my friends and I wanted to have a Homecoming party.. To wear the stupid dresses that we never wanted in the first place. Then we decided that our Homecoming theme needed a theme… and we couldn’t pass up having a haunted Halloween theme!

Here’s the plan for our Haunted Party:


Numerous rolls of black crepe paper,

paper bats by  the Maker Mama,


caution tape from Amazon,

a plastic tablecloth covered in blood,

and a metallic door curtain to take pictures in front of

(homecoming needs homecoming pictures).



Obviously, in Wisconsin, where we drink too heavily… we need to make a wop (a spiked punch of multiple juices, sometimes multiple alcohols, and usually sliced fruit).



1 bottle (2 L) V8 Splash Berry Blast

1 bottle (2 L) V8 Splash Tropical Blast

3 quarts Pink Lemonade

1 quart pineapple Orange Juice

1  750 ml bottles of Everclear (terrible)

Mix it all together, add some fruit if you’d like, and serve!

I will be freezing multiple plastic gloves full of water the night before so that I can cut the glove off and have spooky ice hands to float in the punch! Can’t wait!


We told everyone that they can stick with the homecoming theme or do Halloween, whichever!

I will be aiming towards an 80’s prom queen.

I hope it’s a success!



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