Kitty Lovin’ DIY

It’s getting cold.

The cat is getting cold.

I’m getting cold.

I’m getting A cold.

I don’t like any of these things.

That’s why I decided it was time to make a cat house.

Here’s the back-story..

The Cat Poem.

Toonces is a cat I know, his family moved and let him go.

This Toonces cat needed to eat, so we gave him our lunch meat.

Before we knew it, he was here to stay.. Here at our home, this little stray.

Now, it’s getting mighty cold, so I made him a barn with a roof of gold.

But, really, that happened…

We happened to have this old barn lying around that my uncle built as a kid.


Perfect, right?

It definitely needed work, though.

First, I had to fully deconstruct the roof so that I could put it back together nicely.


Then I realized there were a lot of gaps so I cut out little pieces of cardboard to slide in the spaces.


Next, I decided that I didn’t like the roof color. I saw that I had some copper (I know, my poem says gold.. :/) paint lying around, so I decided that would be just fine! After taping off the sides, I was ready to get painting!! Which took a total of 5 minutes.


Until I decided that I wanted a brand on the front.. TR.. Toonces’ Ranch.. yes, I think I’m hilarious. And then I decided that I needed to repaint the trim on the windows.. And add some trim to the front door… AHEM, I’m crazy..


And then I let it rest for about 24 hours. Finally time to insulate! I had a 1″ thick piece of foam in the shed. I cut that up and put it against all of the walls in the bottom portion.


Next, I cut some insulation for the roof portion. I realized that I was going to have to cover up the front hole in the roof, so I had my father cut a piece of plywood for me. I didn’t have enough insulation to pack it in there so I decided I could recycle some plastic bags and stuff them in!


Now, it was time to nail my new piece of plywood on the roof to cover the not-so-beautiful bags!

 And, of course, I had to paint the new board.. :/

 But in the end, it turned into a beautiful little ranch for my Toonces to snuggle!


The End!



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