Dreaming of a Home. My Inspiration Board.


We all need a little inspiration every now and again.

Here is my recent dose of home inspiration.

I hope you enjoy the beauty as much as I do.

1. What a beautiful closet. Simplistic. Rustic. Perfect. The Nest had this as well as many other beautiful closet ideas.


2. Who doesn’t hate cords? I NEED to remember to wrap mine with hemp or something beautiful like The Vow. Love.


3. Long showers are my absolute favorite. But, I need to invest in one of these some day so that I remember to save my mother Earth.


4. Pallet bed idea. Cheap and beautiful. Can’t wait to have mine. Maybe not in child’s size, though. Love the colors in this picture, too.


5. This man has made the most beautiful terrarium in the world. I must.


6. Love is Art.  It is.


7. Pinterest has ruined the mason jar. I can’t help but still love this, though.


8. Clipboards as art? Inspo Boards? Artwork? Anything you want on a clipboard? Yes, please.


9. This painting idea is amazing. Clementine walls are more than amazing for a kitchen.





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