Tech Guide: Computer Comparison

I love when I realize, “Oh, my computer is going to die soon… really, soon.”

It’s such a good feeling.

And I just LOVE researching computers..

Kill me now.

At least I can hopefully help some of you out by doing the research for you.

And save you once you reach that same point in your life.

So I am looking for something cheap and reliable.

After narrowing down my choices immensely,

I finally decided on three I could choose between.

The HP Chromebook 11, Dell Inspiron 15 (I15RV-6190 BLK), and the Lenovo G580.

All three of these rated pretty well across the internet. PC Mag rated all 4/5!


HP Chromebook 11


The HP Chromebook 11 is a very simplistic, newly released Chromebook. A Chromebook runs on the Google Chrome Operating System. It has a really clean and sleek look to it. It is great for use with very simple tasks, but does not allow downloaded applications from outside parties (i.e. Spotify, iTunes, Open Office, etc). To run those programs, you download them directly from your browser to an in-web application.

Details: $280 (great), 2.3 lb (awesome), 11.6″ screen, 16 GB storage (yuck), 7 hour battery (wow), 1366×768 screen resolution (meh..), micro USB charging (cool!).

Dell Inspiron 15 (I15RV0-6190 BLK)


The Dell is reviewed as very user-friendly. It has pretty good specs for its price-point. Windows 8 is the operating system (meaning I could download all of my normal programs).  Pretty good memory. Pretty good price. Sounding pretty damn good.

Details: $349 (decent), 5 lb, 13.3″ screen (better), 500 GB storage (that’s more like it), 4 hour battery (wah wah wah), 1366×768 screen resolution (yay)

Lenovo G580


The Lenovo is reaching the top of my hoped-for price bracket ($479). It is a little bit more of an advanced system than either of my other choices. And has a much bigger screen. But the price still has me a little iffy. If I’m going to spend $500, I would almost rather just make the big jump and double my investment into a Macbook Air.. Which I don’t really want to do, either.

Details: $479 (ouch), 5 lb, 15.6″ screen (love), 2.5 GHZ processor speed (wow!), 500 GB storage, 4 hours battery (yuck), and same screen resolution as the Dell.


the Dell.

I decided against the very small and adorable Chromebook.

It just would have been an inconvenience if I decided to take on a big project.

And the Lenovo sounds like a decent choice, but,

I don’t think I want to spend the extra $150 at this point in my life.

So, the Dell it is.

Middle-lower portion of my price range.

Lots of storage.

Decent sized.

I can deal.

I can get my Macbook when I’m good and ready for it. ;)



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