Winter is coming! Prepare yourself!


I don’t like you.

You give me headaches in the morning, dry skin, dry hair, colds and seasonal depression.

So… thanks.

Over the years, I’ve come up with a few ways to battle you, winter.

And I’m going to share them with my friends:


The first frost of every year, I wake up in the morning, I see a little frost on the ground and think to myself, “Oh, frost, you’re so pretty, I’m happy you’re back.” I am running a few minutes late for work. I get out to my car to see frost and ice completely engulfing my windows, and then I curse for a good minute, maybe kick the ground, have a mini-meltdown. Now, I have to scrape my car off for ten minutes, making me even MORE behind than I already was running. And this is the time that I want winter to go away and never, ever come back.

AND THEN, I met you, InfoBarrel.

How to De-Ice your windshield, the night before it happens.

MIX: 3 parts Vinegar, 1 part Water (not warm)

SPRAY directly on windshield, side windows, and rear window before you go to bed.

WIPE down with a rag.

WAKE UP and be happy. Because now your ten minute chore became a 30 second one.


First off, If you stop using your hand sanitizer, your skin will not be so dried out from the alcohol.. Just saying.

DRINK MORE WATER. Winter is so dehydrating. Keep your entire body hydrated from the inside out.

Before you go to bed, take your Coconut Oil out of your pantry, and put it EVERYWHERE. Seriously. Your hair, your face, your hands, and all of your body. It’s a godsend. Better than any lotion you could ever buy. And natural. You can’t beat that.

Obviously, I’m not telling you to put it on your feet and then stick your hand back in the jar, but, it’s your kitchen, do what you want.


Since I have already gotten my first cold of the year, I have remembered that I never want one again. And neither do you.

So, here’s what you do.

Stop being anal-retentive with your anti-bacterial hand sanitizer. You are going to get germs, there is no way around it. Using your hand sanitizer is just making it so that when you do get that one germ that you have been trying so hard to avoid, it’s going to be hell. You will be sicker than a dog. Why don’t you just stop using it. Build up your immunity. Make your body happy.

Drink my tea. Once a month, once a week, whenever you wake up feeling even a little bit groggy. I don’t care when, just do it.

It’s easy.



2 cups boiling water

1/2 t Garlic (diced) (immunity booster)

1″ knob of peeled Ginger (stomach-calmer)

2 Lemon wedges (1/3 of 1 lemon) (fever and sore throat reducer)

1 small Dried Chile Pepper (sinus clearer)

1/2 t Cinnamon (anti-bacterial)

1/2 t Turmeric (anti-inflammatory)

Honey to desired sweetness



Boil your water.

Put all of your ingredients, except the honey, into a loose tea leaf bag, cheese cloth or a fancy-shmancy tea diffuser.

Put tea bag into boiling water. Cover. Let steep for 15 minutes.

Pour into a mug, add honey  (I usually use a good squeeze), drink and be well!


This is a tough one. For me, it’s virtually unescapable. I try to do everything that I can, but it always sneaks up on me.

I always take a daily fish oil pill. When winter sneaks around, I start taking two. It may not make a world of difference, but, I feel that it definitely helps.

Get your vitamin D. If you can’t get outside, go in a tanning bed for 6/7 minutes, twice a week. My doctor told me this, I looked at him like he was crazy.. then I listened. Vitamin D is not natural in pill form. Vitamin D is formed in your own body after sunlight is absorbed. So, why take a pill that is chemically made, when you can just get a little sun and have your body create it, the natural way. I’m not telling you to go into a tanning bed all the time, I’m not even telling you that you have to go in one. I just believe that everything is okay in small doses. Even tanning.

Keep a routine!  Don’t press snooze a million times, it’s not going to make you feel any less groggy. You need to get up, and do whatever it is that you do. I like to wake up, have my coffee/tea and breakfast, catch up on my news, then workout. Exercise is so important to keep up with in the winter months. I have a daily yoga routine that I do as well as the 7-minute workout. If you haven’t tried it, you should. I honestly wake up the next morning feeling like I did an intense workout.. even if it was only 7 minutes long. If you feel sceptical, read this article explaining the background of it. You need to keep your body energized!

I hope my tips help you as much as they help me!



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