Link Love

Every week, I’m going to post my favorite links of the week!

I spend way too much time on Feedly gawking on way too many blogs.

So, since I waste so many hours, picking through, I’ll show you the best ones.

You’re Welcome. ;)

1. These adorable gift tag DIY’s from One Dog Woof with toothpicks is too adorable. I will definitely be re-creating them!

2. This great tip from LifeHacker suggests putting a dryer sheet at the bottom of your garbage can to ward off funky smells. DUH. Why did I never think of that?

3. I love vintage hair. You should, too. This Refinery29 tutorial shows a few simple ways to achieve the looks at home!

4. A cheers to the most amazing parents, ever. Teaching your child to use their imagination is the best thing that you can do for them.

5. If you hoard shoeboxes, you need to do this decorating hack. Make those shoeboxes sparkle!

6. The most amazing wedding video that I’ve ever cared to watch.

7. Who doesn’t want an easy way to spike their coffee in the morning? DIY whiskey sugar rocks, perfect for stocking stuffers!

8. And another Brit+Co hit, Reversible Instagram Coasters!

9. This R29 White Elephant gift guide is adorable.

10. And, finally, another DIY gift, Mocha Mix.


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