Marigold Mustard’s life has been chaos.

It feels like the holiday season killed me more than ever this year.

Thanksgiving one week, pneumonia the next, Christmas for what felt like 3 weeks straight, and New Year’s?!

I’m so happy it’s over.

Now I have one week of non-chaos.

Then we have a wedding in Jamaica.

THEN. It’s over. The stress of the winter is DONE.

I cannot wait.

I have been cooking on and off quick meals the last month or so and haven’t had a chance to even post.

So, instead of food, I’ll share a round-up of the coolest posts I’ve saved over the past few weeks, just click on the pictures and you’ll get linked on through. ;)

1. Build your own beverage carbonator.


2. How to decorate with dry flowers.


3. Butternut, ricotta, and spinach stuffed shells.


4. The miracle Konjac Sponge.


5. 6 Common fluids that leak from your car and how to diagnose the issue.


6. homemade pop-tarts. YUP.


7. Pomade to keep those brows in place AND fill them in!!


8. DIY toilet cleaner

ku-xlarge (1)

9. Arrange outfits by last worn to make picking out an outfit easier!

ku-xlarge (2)

10. Chinese New Year’s Soup


11. A pickup truck… Made of ice…

ku-xlarge (3)

12. Golden Rules of Spices Herbal Cookbook


So, there’s my roundup! I hope you enjoy!

Hope your holidays didn’t drag along as much as mine did!



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