Recipes of the (last couple of) weeks

I’ve been out of commission. GET YOUR FLU SHOT. I’ve honestly never felt so terrible in my life. So I hope none of you get it! I wasn’t able to cook much and when I could, I couldn’t eat. I … Continue reading

Winter is coming! Prepare yourself!

Winter. I don’t like you. You give me headaches in the morning, dry skin, dry hair, colds and seasonal depression. So… thanks. Over the years, I’ve come up with a few ways to battle you, winter. And I’m going to … Continue reading

Fall and winter wishlist.

If you aren’t from Wisconsin, YOU’RE LUCKY. We get the most unpredictable, ridiculous weather. So this fall and winter, when I should be expecting the most unexpected weather, I will need some new attire… definitely a new pair of boots.. … Continue reading